Lakelands Toros Soccer Club

3v3 Recreation Curriculum

Principles of Age Appropriate Development


  • 5-8 year olds love to play. Therefore, all practices should be fun.
  • Players must spend the maximum time possible in contact with the ball and experiment by themselves.
  • Basic motor skills like walking, running or jumping have to be combined with ball handling and ball control.

3v3 Practice Set Up

Scrimmage - 15 minutes

Technical Game - 15 minutes

Scrimmage - 15 minutes 


45 minutes




3v3 Recreation Schedule
Practice 1
Practice 2
Practice 3
Practice 4

Changing Speed (Practice 3)
Video Tutorial - End Game with Official Rules (there are no throw-ins or goalkeepers in 3v3)

Game Format

  • Number of Players: 3v3
  • Field Size: 24x18 yards
  • Playing Time: 4 x 8-minute quarters
  • Break Time: 2 minutes
  • Ball Size: Size 3


Complete 3v3 Game Rules