Lakelands Toros Soccer Club

Lakelands Toros Soccer Club Weather Policies

The Lakelands Toros Soccer Club has weather policies related to temperature and rain/lightning. 


All soccer activities will be cancelled if wind chill drops below 30 degrees or if heat index exceeds 100 degrees.


Rain does not automatically cause the cancellation of our club’s events. In some situations, we may practice in light rain depending upon the condition of our fields. 

Lightning within ten miles of our facility requires that all activities at our facility stop and players seek shelter until thirty minutes have elapsed since the last strike within the ten-mile radius.

If lightning strikes within ten miles during an event at Countybank Field, our DOC or an authorized representative will sound a horn to signal that players should seek shelter.

All weather-related cancellations will be announced via the email address you registered your player with.

Every weather-related decision is considered very carefully, and any cancellations will be made strictly to protect the health and safety of our players. 

Situations will inevitably arise in which weather conditions look acceptable but lightning has been reported in the area. In such situations, we will always follow our ten-mile rule, even if it is inconvenient or frustrating to do so.

Our organization will rely on Weather Underground’s Storm App for lightning alerts.