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Jul, 2017

The New Lakelands Toros/YMCA Recreation Soccer Partnership

This partnership is going to increase the size of our program and give us more space to play, which will have several major benefits: we will have sustainable numbers in each age group, and we will be able to expand our game formats beyond the 3v3 model that we have been using the past several years. 
We have already been planning for the Fall season for several months. We have created an entirely new teaching and training curriculum that is designed to introduce young players to soccer and give them the fundamentals to play the game at whatever level they desire, whether they want to progress into our travel programs or simply play locally in the recreation program. We know people will have questions about this new partnership, and we will do our best to answer all of them. We have already created a list of common questions and answers, which you can read below. If you have other questions, please contact us!

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