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FAQs: Select Player Evaluations

What is the Select Program?

Select soccer is our travel program for our U13-U19 Players. Our Toros Select Program is designed to meet the needs of players that require a more challenging playing environment. Our teams are selected from the player evaluations that are held each year in May. Every season, our Select teams practice two times a week, play 8-12 games in the SCYSA state leagues, and attend in-state tournaments. We expect our players to practice outside of the Toros environment as well as watch soccer when they can.

What is the purpose of the player placement fee?

The cost for the player placement is $40 per person. This is a one time fee and not per evaluation night. Included in the $40 fee is the SCYSA player registration, which allows players to play for the club in the state leagues and provides a secondary insurance for every player in our club.

Why are the fees higher for select soccer than junior academy soccer?

Fees are higher in the select program because expenses are a lot higher in this program. League registration fees, referee fees, and tournament fees are all much higher in select soccer compared to the junior academy program.

Does my child have to attend both player evaluation nights?

The club strongly recommends that players attend both player evaluation dates. This allows for us to provide more informed decisions regarding player placement and team formation. Should you be unable to attend both, please inform our Director of Operations. 

What do I wear at my player evaluation?

Each player needs to wear cleats and shin-guards and bring plenty of water. The weather will depend on what the player should wear for clothing – something athletic is a must.

Will players be cut from the evaluation process?
Our aim is to place every child on a team. However, we will not place a child on a team, if a player is clearly out of their depth for the team(s) at their age group. An example, if a player is an open level player, then we will not place that player on a PMSL 1 team (or higher), if we have enough players on that team.

Will the current team my child plays on be the same next season? 

Your child’s team may be the same as the previous year, but it is not guaranteed. Having pre-determined teams undermines the tryout process.

Will my child be on the same team as the previous season?

Your child may be placed on the same team, but it is not guaranteed. Players have to attend the player evaluations to be guaranteed their place for a particular team. This is to ensure fairness to all players that attend the player evaluations.

Is it possible for my child to play up?

The club will asses each player on a case-by-case basis. The decision to move a player up an age group will be solely a soccer decision. In order to play up, a player must exhibit an exceptional skill set in order for the club to grant this. The decision for a player to play up is at the club's discretion.

Will there be a team in each age group?

The club cannot guarantee teams will form in each age group. Our desire is to have as many teams possible, however, teams will be formed based on soccer decisions, and some age groups may not form teams.

Have Questions?

Contact our Director of Operations, Jamie Ramm, at [email protected]

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